Ipad 3th Generation Screen/LCD Replacement

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Screen/LCD Replacement for Ipad 3th Generation

Did you damage your Ipad?

Good news! In less than 1 hour you’ll have back your iPad completely fixed & looking like NEW!

Do you know when it’s time to replace the screen?
* When the touch of the Ipad doesn’t respond efficiently
* When the Ipad screen shows some lines on the Lcd or the glass is broken
* When the Ipad screen has yellow or pink tint
* When the Ipad screen is broken and it gives off small crystals.
* When the Ipad screen doesn’t show any image, but when you press the buttons make sounds or vibration.

 Watch out! You can cut yourself with the crystals or mistreat and damage your eyes with the discoloration of the pixels.

We have expert technical that can come to you, call us and schedule your appointment, to give a solution to your iPad.

For us the most important thing is the customer satisfaction, that's why we offer you: specialized technical service, quality parts, and irresistible prices.