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If you have problems with your mobile phone, display problems, poor battery performance, the charging port is dirty or damaged.

We can help you! We have repaired thousands of mobile devices, for over 10 years. And we have the knowledge to get your phone working like new again.

For walk-in Mobile Device repairs, or convenient cell phone repair service by mail or at home in florida, contact us today! We will repair your cell phone in 30 min, in addition, Rede2fix offers you quality service and parts, incomparable prices and a 60-day guarantee.


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Sale of Second Hand Devices

Our second-hand Apple or Samsung products, compared to reconditioned devices, are equipment used by someone else and that the owner decides to sell for some reason, in most cases I update the mobile device. The important thing in the purchase of these second-hand devices is to know the technical state of the device and we, before putting it on sale, do strict quality tests to guarantee its operation. It should be noted that many times these devices look like new, but have been used by someone else.

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